Nuru Massage in Delhi: Second Best Medicine After Laughter

The word massage means healing of the body by means of touching, squeezing or kneading. In the present day scenarios where the physical stress and pain is taking toll over human bodies, massage has become an important part of human life. Earliest evidences from Chinese texts has told us that massage techniques existed even in 1800BC. Not only in China, but evidences has been found in Egyptian hieroglyphs, Greek texts and Roman texts.

Whenever we feel pain somewhere in the body we intend to press that part to suppress the pain, massage however takes this suppression on a whole new scientific level. Pehr Ling also known as father of modern massage, was the first person to establish massage a legitimate form of therapy. As with the evolution of massage therapy, the number of types of massages increased and now have more than 70 types. These massages vary from traditional forms like shiatsu to modern day erotic massages like nuru.

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